5 things to consider when hiring an electrician for your home in Tacoma Washington

5 things to consider when hiring an electrician for your home in Tacoma Washington

Our everyday life depends largely on a discovery we call electricity. Our microwaves, toasters, computers and countless other devices require it. Yet we take it for granted until, from some unfortunate cause, we don’t have it.

In the event we do lose power, what would our next step be? Obviously we would be inclined to check our circuit breakers or verify the device is still plugged in. It may also be our utility provider, and there was an interruption of service. If we did trip a circuit breaker, or the loss of power is unexplained, we need to seek the services of an licensed electrician.

A qualified electrical contractor has many advantages over unsafe home owner repairs. A licensed electrician, with years of practical experience diagnosing and solving electrical problems, can bring insight to a problem a home owner would never be aware of. It literally could keep your family safe from the possibility of injury or even a deadly house fire.

It is essential that the electrician you hire is licensed, bonded and insured. The State of Washington Labor and Industries provides home owners tools to verify an electrical contractors licensing and competence. You can choose to use the web or telephone to verify any electrical contractors or electricians license.

You, your family, and your home deserve the safety and quality workmanship a licensed electrical contractor can provide. As the advertising industry always promotes, “don’t be fooled by imitations”.

Here is a quick and dirty list of 5 things to consider when hiring an electrician:

  1. Safety, just plain and simple, safety.
  2. Problem is diagnosed and provides home owner with peace of mind.
  3. Proper licensing per state laws.
  4. Insurance and bonding.
  5. Quality workmanship, proper tools and UL listed parts for your job.

Signed by your friendly Master Electrician @ A Great Break Electric & Alarm, Inc.


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