Are you doing wash, using the microwave…. and then…. all of a sudden the power goes out. This is a common problem I have seen on numerous service calls. Your house is over thirty years old and the appliances we use today overwhelm the circuits that were provided in the past. Many times I have seen circuits with oversized breakers than were designed to protect you house from a fire. People modifying existing systems trying to get rid of that “nuisance” breaker trip or burnt out fuse.

If this is happening to you, don’t test the limits of your electrical system. This could lead to a fire, not only burning your memories, but possibly, the loss of life.

It is simple to remedy this situation, it just calls for the addition of the proper circuit. Modern homes include these circuits, as they are built with the appliances we use in mind. With two to three hours of time and a few materials, a good electrician can have that circuit installed, and just like magic, no more problems.

The most common area of the home that have these problems is the kitchen. An older home usually has a dishwasher installed on the existing circuits, new appliances are used with higher wattages. The washer does not have a dedicated circuit. All of these contribute to overload and a failing circuit, which in turn really could lead to a fire.

Keep this mind, plan for your future. Some dollars spent today could save your house and family tomorrow.