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Your home is as though it is our own and the quality of our electrical contracting services reflect in the not only the installation, but how our electricians accomplish it. Who is working in your house? Do they park their oil dripping truck on your exposed aggregate driveway. Lay their ladders against your walls. Wear waffle boots tracking mud into your home. We do none of these. From the simple electrical diagnosis to the installation of a branch circuit for your new hot tub. We are here to take care of your home's electrical projects. There is much responsibility in any electrical installation. A quality Tacoma electrical contractor installed recessed lightinginstallation provides a safe environment for you and your family. Or how about the warranty you may lose if the electrical work is not installed properly. Just a hint here, a #8 copper romex can feed a typical hot tub per code, but most manufacturers call out #6 copper per their installation requirements for warranty. Be careful, use a qualified, licensed, and knowledgeable Tacoma electrician. You may not know the difference today, but tomorrow you might be shocked!

I have added a new page which I consider very important for America's households. This is a subject that I have been driven to inform my clients since becoming an electrician. You may or may not have them, but smoke detectors in your home can save the life of you and your family members. Even if you have them, most homeowners don't know that they should replace them after eight to ten years of use.

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With many years of electrical industry experience installations can be designed or installed per plan with all forms of wiring methods. An electricians knowledge is key to commercial electrical work, but proper tooling makes for a quality and speedy install. From wire to raceways, from step-down transformers to the branch circuits, from layout to load calculations, proper electrical design is critical for your needs today, and tomorrow. Quality service panels, Commercial work performed by a Tacoma electricial contractor. A cookie manufacturer.breakers, and devices are the electrical equipment you rely on for your day to day operations. Use the right electrical parts, but especially, use the right electrician. As an electrician based in Tacoma on highway 512 gives us great access to our service area.

The picture here was a cookie manufacturer. We moved their existing commercial ovens and installed additional gas ovens. The Washington state electrical inspector took two and a half hours evaluating this install which passed with flying colours. This was a commercial electrical installation. A design built job. We sized all the branch circuits and did all the pipe fill and load calculations. No plans required, this requires a bright electrician. It's not my intent to brag here, but how else do you impart to people that most electricians don't possess these skills.

Motor controllers, explosion proof installations, multi-speed motor control, timer delays, freq drives, 480volt three phase panelboards for utilization equipment. Experience, confidence, and quality workmanship is a necessity. As an electrician in Tacoma Washington, years of electrical experience with plant installations requiring very specific Tacoma Industrial Electrical Contractor work.needs can assure your success with us. Using trucks with necessary electrical supplies saves us time and you money. I swore, after working out of one, I would never use a standard van for work. They just cannot carry enough electrical material and tooling. Need one say more. Been there, done that. Give us a call. Having specialized electrical equipment at our disposal such as hydraulic pipe benders, scissors lifts, and pipe threading machines means your industrial needs are a snap for us.
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