I added this page for one specific reason. I have installed this appliance in my own home and am impressed with the results. Keeping your attic cool on those hot summer days keeps the interior of your house cooler.

We seem to experience warmer summers every year, how can we keep our homes cool without the excessive use of expensive air conditioning. We can use a few tools to combat this problem. Ceiling fans, covering our windows to prevent solar radiation, or the use of an attic fan.

First are ceiling fans, they circulate the cooler air distributing it evenly for a greater level of comfort. Ceiling fans have their fair share of details to properly install them. A qualified electrician can provide the resources and expertise for this type of addition.

Second, covering your windows to reduce solar radiation can easily be done by the homeowner. You can find products for this at your local hardware store.

Then we come to attic fans. Many homeowners are unaware of the benefits attic fans can provide. Anyone who has one can let you know the difference first hand. Don’t just take my word on it, ask around, it’s amazing! The attic fan will cool the attic cavity allowing the warm air in the house to rise. This in turn dissipates this accumulated heat captured by the house, which in turn cools the house. If you have air conditioning, this will reduce it’s necessity. If you don’t, it maintains a more tolerable interior temperature. In these days of rising energy costs we don’t want to run up our electrical expenses with the high cost of air conditioning. Remember, I have personally experienced this appliance in action.

The attic fan can be electrically operated or with the use of solar power. Solar power installations can be quite expensive. Electrically operated attics fans are more tolerable on your pocket book. Of course, use your personal preference. There is also some noise associated with the fan. Like all appliances, you can purchase one that creates less noise than others, but you know how that works, more money. From my experience the noise produced is not a nuisance. I prefer a tolerable temperature over a small drone from an attic fan. Some would find it rather soothing.

Two important details come in to mind when purchasing your attic fan. First, you must size the fan based on the attic’s square foot. Second, you should place the thermostat in an appropriate place so you can adjust how it operates. Many come with this device next to the fan. If the attic fan is deep inside your attic how can you get to it. Placed strategically at the crawl opening gives the operator the ability to adjust it.