This is the most important electrical remodel you can do to your house. A properly installed service or panel upgrade decides what you can do with additional electrical modifications in the future. We use the best electrical equipment you can purchase. Using quality equipment only adds approximately $75.00 to your purchase. Don’t let any electrical contractor convince you otherwise. And don’t forget to watch them, they use the cheapest materials found on God’s green earth.

We have installed every variety of panel, but from my experience, Cutler Hammer is the best constructed. We always install a 42 space copper buss panel where ever we can. Some installs do not offer the physical space required, but if you can, Cutler Hammer copper buss all the way. Remember, most equipment manufacturers have a quality line of equipment and a lower quality line. Cutler Hammer carries a BR (Bryant) series of panels, but I consider these a lower quality than their CH (cutler hammer) series.

The electrical contractor and electricians they hire are your next concern. There are many types of service and panel upgrades but how you install it is the electrical foundation of your house for decades to come. Applying the National Electric Codes and any State and City codes takes a knowledgeable electrician. We have decades of experience, you are rest assured of a quality and fairly priced install.

I Personally Install all Service Upgrades

I will personally install your panel or service upgrade. Do you want just an employee providing these services, or me the owner. As a Master Electrician I can guarantee the work I perform is the best possible in the industry. My attention to detail is in itself worth your time hiring me.

The sad part of hiring an electrician is that the consumer never really understands what they purchased. They plug an appliance in and it works. That is usually the only result they can really grasp.

At least with a car, you can test drive the product. But not the electrical install. A service change or panel upgrade is a major change to your house. Who would you like to do this for you? Really consider who you hire when purchasing this upgrade for your home. The buck stops here, and you can assure yourself that I am one of the best electricians out there, not just a hired hand.