The Importance of Smoke Detectors

Your home is your castle, but are you and your family safe.

First I want to let you know, smoke detector protection is the most important part of a home for me. I don’t go out of my way to sell my customers extra services, but this is one that I voice my opinion on, all the time. Let me tell you a story that happened to me.

I was working on an Architect’s home. I was pulling wire and I asked him if he would like interconnected smoke detectors installed, one on each floor. He asked me how much it would cost. I told him $325.00. He then replied, no I don’t need it. Well, right at that time one of his small daughters was running by, and I replied back to him. “You daughter isn’t worth $325.00 dollars.” He told me to put them in.

Ok, lets talk about smoke detectors. There are five types that are used in our residential home.

1) Strictly battery operated, usually by a 9 volt battery

2) 120 volt supplied (without/battery)

3) 120 volt supplied (without/battery) and can be interconnected.

4) 120 volt supplied (with/battery) and interconnected to each other.

We must use at least the battery only operated devices if this is all we can afford. But your best option is to have an electrician remodel the 120 volt supplied (w/battery) interconnected variety. When one of these smoke detectors goes off all of them start sounding. The battery is installed in the event you lost power due to storms and other comparable events. This remodel can be done without opening walls up, you won’t even know they the electrician was there. But you and your family can definitely sleep well at night.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has some good information for you to review at your convenience, please take the time to review your safety precautions.