Your home is your castle, and we treat it as such. You may need just a simple dishwasher circuit or a kitchen remodel, but you need a qualified residential electrician. Every job we do is as important as any other. We take the time to review your project, and proceed with the installation right away.

Plugs, switches, recessed cans, hot tubs, circulating bathtubs, paddle fans, bathroom fans, generators, security systems, smoke detectors, attic fans, baseboard heat, forced fan heating, and more…..

A good local Tacoma electrician knows the type of building he is working on and the equipment he is handling. This allows him to do the electrical installation without tearing up your house. You may or may not understand these terms, but it is sure important for the electrician too. Balloon framing, split level home, tri-level home, rambler, gable ends, top plates, bottom plates, plank sub-flooring, joists, engineered rafters, studs, and ridge boards. These are just a few. But understanding how the house is constructed gives you the ability to drill, cut boxes in walls, and fish wires in concealed areas without removing any sheet rock.

We have been working on homes, “just like yours”, for over twenty years. It takes a residential electrician, with experience, to effectively complete an installation. Remember, most commercial or industrial electricians are not familiar with this type of construction. Some have experience in this field, but most do not. And to tell you the truth, most of commercial electricians despise working on residential homes. Don’t ask me why.

Maybe they don’t like crawling under homes or working in attics, both of these tasks are confined spaces and require a little management to efficiently complete a task. Maybe it’s the complex nature of certain code requirements that a house demands. Yes, a residential electrician has many codes to implement on a house, unlike a commercial building. For example, a typical room in a commercial building does not have any layout requirements for convenience plugs. Houses most certainly do.

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