Commercial Electrician

The restaurant, dance club, strip mall outlet, convenience store, and museums are just a few of the commercial outlets we have worked on. Your lighting and outlet power being your most important assets. You cannot have your electric deep fryers down when you need them most. Maybe you are moving into a new location and need some commercial electrical work done for your establishments needs. Been there, done that.

Again, years of commercial electrical experience has given me the ability to assess a situation and take the necessary steps to complete your job in a cost effective, timely manner. I can size my raceways, de rate my wire, calculate box fill, perform load calculations on panels and panel boards. Size step-down and step-up transformers, submit documentation for plan review. This is referred to as Commercial. Most electricians do NOT have the ability or knowledge to perform these functions without a “set of plans” or strict supervision.

When you have me and my crew on your job, you don’t have to “hold my hand”. And you can rest assured that the commercial electrical install provided will meet your needs today and, yes, tomorrow. As I always provide ample room to make improvements or possible additional circuits that may be needed as you grow.