This Tacoma Electrician can provide the wiring and the recessed lighting to provide the light your looking for. Taught by the best, and my own experience, I can suggest ideas and provide the solutions you require to attain the lighting experience you desire.

Recessed lighting comes in many forms. It provides a very inconspicuous look in your residence. They are supplied in 3, 4, 5 and 6 inch diameters. From my experience you should leave the 6 inch cansTacoma recessed lighting example alone, of course, where you have a very high ceiling I would consider these for special trim applications to push the light to the floor. They were popular in years past when their cost was clearly less than smaller versions. But pricing has decreased on smaller recessed cans, and they can provide the light without the larger opening in your ceiling. This does two things. They look better, and they make the house feel larger. Be careful how you mix two different sized recessed cans. This can produce a hodgepodge look if not done properly.

You need to consider a few details when laying out a room. The size of the room, the use of the room, and the furniture layout. The first two are easily understood, but the third can be more difficult to accomplish as furniture layouts tend to change.

The size of the room will determine how many we install to provide a comfortable dispersion of light. The use will also determine this. As an example, in a room where you have your television, you may want to be careful of placing this down lighting between you and your television set. They may be to the side of the television but not right in front. It is important that the room is lit evenly.

Furniture layouts can present problems for our recessed lighting layout. But with a little ingenuity, and the use of the proper fixture, we can provide you the flexibility to change your furniture layout in the future. Some rooms can be quite firm in this regard, such as the dining rooms.

Now, I know the following is my opinion, but at least let me express myself in regards to the kitchen. But remember, I know that the customer is always right! You get what you want, I only provide you suggestions and my experience, based on previous installations.

The most basic type of kitchen lighting for recessed cans are even lighting layout and cabinet line layout. First even lighting layout. This is where we equally space our cans throughout the kitchen, providing even lighting. Second, recessed cans that follow the kitchen cabinets. These are cans that we typically space out from the wall about two feet which will divide the base cabinets front edge. We place them along the cabinets following the cabinet layout.

Which is better. This is a funny story. I was employed by a company with brothers. One believed in even recessed lighting, the other cabinet recessed lighting layout. Boy, could they fight. The brother that preferred cabinet recessed lighting layout was the one that I worked with in the field. The other in the office. I personally saw both types of lighting. Believe me when I tell you this, the even recessed lighting was the best, without a doubt.

Now the brother in the office was right, but where did he get this opinion, you might ask. Well, we worked for a builder that constructed spec homes. These homes were not the typical homes typical builders built. They were $600,000 plus dollar homes in 1994. You don’t take that kind of risk with a spec home unless you know your right, and he was.

Most custom homes I have wired also incorporated under cabinet lighting fixtures. These provide the task lighting at your workspace while the recessed cans provide the dispersed light throughout the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting fixtures are a subject I will soon publish an additional page on.

One additional story. I wired and layed out the recessed lighting for a gentleman in Seattle. The plans called for approximately twelve recessed cans in the house. I walked the building with him and suggested using more cans. He asked me if I was sure. I said yes. We finished the house with about twenty-six cans. When it was done, he was astonished on how nice the lighting was. In fact, he sold the house and built another very large home in Carnation, WA. He asked me to wire it. I had to decline, as I told him that was two blocks past tim-buck-two.

I always tell my clients a true fact. The difference between 20 years of age and 50 years of age, is twice the light.