Bigger the Van the Better

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A quality electrician uses quality tools. He also uses quality supplies and works from a well stocked and a organized truck.

Take a moment and look at your electrical contractors truck. Is it well stocked? Is it clean and organized? If they can’t keep a clean truck how can they perform clean organized work. Also, if they perform work by the hour, it is very important that the truck has parts that can be easily found.

How about the truck itself? For a electrician, is important to carry enough parts to complete your service call without trips to the store. Small vans do not cater to many parts. Medium vans are better – but still not the best. I worked for a company that used standard vans and I was never pleased about the parts I had available. I swore I would never work from a truck or van that small.

I am pleased to inform you that A Great Break Electric & Alarm in Tacoma, Washington we work out of box vans. These vans provide enough room to carry plenty of parts and tools. Most customers are very pleased to see the hardware center alone. This means less trips to get the required parts and more time spent working on your job.

Be diligent, look for the best electrician you can find. Don’t just pick the first one you come across, do a little research. Are they knowledgeable or are they just a big ad in the web sky?

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