Installing your new Hot Tub? Read this first!


Are you considering purchasing a hot tub?  Who will wire your unit?  Don’t get caught with your pants down, use a qualified electrical contractor.

There are many small details that are required to meet the National Electrical Code and applicable Local Electrical codes.  Just a few to consider are the follow:

  • Where are you going to provide power from?
  • Is your electrical panel sufficient in size for the added amperage?
  • Can you provide the necessary GFI breaker in the panel, or do you need to install it in the locality of the hot tub itself?
  • What size wire do you need?  Does the manufacturer require any specifics to wire size and grounding?
  • What will you need to bond around the hot tub, if anything at all?
  • Is there enough distance between the hot tub and any existing outlets?
  • Do you have any other electrical needs in the area of the hot tub?
  • Have you obtained an electrical permit from the agency which serves your area?

The smart home owner will hire a licensed electrical contractor for the project.  They know their manufacturer’s warranty depends on it.  If, in the event they need service on the tub, a properly permitted and installed hot tub will not cause any warranty loss issues.  Using a licensed electrician also provides you an installation warranty.

Be safe, play safe.  Use licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractors.

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