For those of you looking for the Industrial Electrician, you have come to the right place. As for experience, twenty-eight years have provided an education that cannot be bought. From Seventy-five horsepower multi-speed 480 volt three phase motors to motor control circuit design and installation. Anything above 250 volts is a new area of code that most electricians don’t understand, or never had the experience. Installation in industrial explosion proof environments is another category unto itself. Our performance on all these types of industrial installations meet with efficiency and success. Bob, a Vice President at Gaco Western once asked me what made me such a good electrician. I responded that it was “All in the details”.

And it surely is. From the small industrial job to the large industrial job, electrical details are always critical for a quality install. For me this is not “just a job”. It is my career and you as a “customer”, can count on us. I have heard the following expression from so many electricians (or so called), “can’t see it from my house”. But rest assured, I see it and live it, 24 hours a day seven days a week. This business is my reputation.